Welcome to Coach VIDI – the coach’s assistant

Coaching is a powerful way to help people gain insight into themselves and their situations, set and reach goals and overcome challenges. Research has shown that a strong coach-client relationship is crucial to coaching success [1], however the effort that the client puts in during and especially in between coaching sessions also play an important role in positive coaching outcomes.

Coach VIDI is an artificial intelligence (AI) coaching assistant designed by a team of coaching and AI researchers to help coaching clients get the most out of their human coaching sessions through guided reflection and planning.

Coaches, sign up today to give your clients access to 24/7 assistance from Coach VIDI to help them to:

  • Manage their goals

  • Reflect on what happened during their coaching sessions

  • Capture thoughts on what do discuss with you in their next session

  • Access numerous helpful resources

As coach you are able to download a report detailing your clients interactions with Coach VIDI and use this as input to your next coaching session.

Let Coach VIDI help you and your clients to get the most out of their coaching journey.

[1] de Haan, E., Grant, A. M., Burger, Y., & Eriksson, P. O. (2016). A large-scale study of executive and workplace coaching: The relative contributions of relationship, personality match, and self-efficacy. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 68(3), 189.

How does it work?

After subscribing, you as coach will be given a unique login to this website. You can register your coaching clients and each clients will receive an access code that they can use to talk to Coach Vidi using the Facebook Messenger and Telegram instant messaging platforms. You can at any time log into this website and download a report for each of your clients detailing their interactions with Coach Vidi and gaining an understanding on their reflections regarding their goals, challenges and needs. 

If you haven’t already, start your journey now. Have a conversation with Coach Vici, free of charge and available 24/7 on Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

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We hope Coach Vici has helped you conquer your challenges and reach your goals! However we know that Artificial Intelligence has limitations.